Monday, 30 December 2013

The Beginning :

The Beginning :

The beginning of a new Blog is always a tender moment. Do you go all out and spill your soul onto the blank white canvas in front of you or do play it safe and follow the many same old same old story lines?

For me, this will be my canvas, to these pages I will pour my soul, my inner thoughts, my deepest feelings. All being laid bare before my readers, to be condemned by the masses, ridiculed and scrutinised. Through all I shall hang on to the hope that somewhere out there someone, if only one person, will connect with my story and feel as though they no longer are alone in their thoughts and will always have another person to relate to. No one should feel alone. Not in a world where so many belong.

Quite often I find myself looking through the window of life only to see others walking past, getting on with their lives, not turning to give a second thought about the person 2 feet away from them. In such a busy world, in such a busy city, you'd never expect to see so many singletons seamlessly wondering about the day as if they were programmed to do so. No feeling, no thoughts. Just helpless robots roaming the earth. For it is not until you stop and consider their lives that you truly understand the reasons of their being.

Each person has their own lives, stories, triumph and pitfalls and here's mine.

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