Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Forever Knowing :

Forever Knowing :

For many, life is a journey of unexpected adventures some good, some bad, but all, unexpected. No one can plan every aspect of life. No one can guess what will happen to them or others. Well, not that is part from a select few. Many will never believe. Many do believe and some, some just want to understand. To understand why it's them, why they are different. How it happens. What does it mean. Everyone has see or heard about physics and fortune tellers. Most see it as pure entertainment. Myself? I see it as a way of life. If you don't know, then you never will. If you do know, you can't explain.

Imagine knowing something, something about yourself or someone else. Something that would drastically change a life. For the worse. No matter how much you know, nothing you do can stop or change it happening. What would you do? Would you try to tell that person and risk them thinking you weird and unusual? Or would you try to ignore what you know and just hope it doesn't stick round to haunt your everyday there after? This is a situation a rare few people face everyday. They have to choose. They have to risk loosing everything. Everyday.

Not many people will try to understand such a person. Simply branding the as a 'freak' or a liar. Leaving that person to try and make sense of their unwillingly gifted power. Alone.

All it would take is for their entrusted friend to be a small bit open minded, all they'd need to do is listen. Listen and try to understand. Above all, just be there and let that person know they're not alone. Never alone.

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