Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Money, money, money :

Money, money, money :

In this day and age money is so over rated, everyone wants it, hardly anyone has it and those who do don't appreciate it. Everyone says money wouldn't change them. Bullcrap! Money changes everyone and everything. In my life, being related to people from both ends if the scale I find that those with less money are quite often the most generous! Rich people are rich because they are tight. I can't believe that in this world there are still so many people who would rather be rich than happy.

Happiness is what makes a person special, happiness is what we all crave, rich or not. The people who have happiness are those who we should all want to be friends with and not those with money.

So much of this world evolves around money and there is no slowing of it. I dread to think the sort of world that my future grandchildren will have to live in.

One of violence and intimidation. One of crime. One where segregation is enevitable.

What ever happened to all for on end one for all?!

That's a motto this land should live by. Not each to his own!