Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Looking on :

Looking On :

When looking on through the rain drops falling, the sky so grey and dull, all manner of thoughts enter my mind. Like why, why does the world have, rain. I mean, I know its for plants and the ground etc, but why. Why is it that water has to fall from the skies above. Why does the rain have to fall in tiny droplets. What is the meaning of falling. No one likes the rain. No one likes the feeling of every part of their being soaked with cold, chilling water. Why does it fall from the sky and not spring from the grounds? No one can answer these questions without some form of doubt but after all that's one of the main focuses in this world.

Doubt. Doubting others. Doubting yourself. Like a ticking time bomb, doubt can force many into self hatred.  Not knowing who to trust or who to believe. Not knowing the next step in life. Wondering if the person right in front of you is nothing the person you hoped they were. Increasing numbers of people are finding out on a daily basis that the person they thought they could trust all along is in fact the person they should have been most cautious around. For when someone pours out their soul to you, their life is in your hands. The way you handle that new found information and power over a person can determine how they themselves will spend the rest of their lives. Some abuse the power of knowing. Some share to the world the secrets they have been trusted with. This leaving the owner of those secrets in total despair and not knowing what will happen next. The humiliation, the torment and the loss of trust can become too much for some people to bare. Too much for them to cope with. Too much for them to live with. The only option they see..ending it, but how.

On the other hand there is those very rare few who will take hold of that persons soul and secrets, lock them away in their hearts, together becoming two. Like you are me and I am you. Forever showing their a person not to be lost. A person who will remain a part of you. Whether or not in years to come you take seperate paths and reside too far apart, you shall always remain as one. If you're a person who has found this rarity, grab on with all your might. Never let go. Forever. Remain as one.

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